European Reference Model on Municipal Waste Management

DG Environment at the European Commission, working with the European Environment Agency, has commissioned the development of a model of municipal waste generation and management for all EU Member States. It will be used, firstly, to develop scenarios which aid understanding of the gap between likely waste management performance in specific Member States and the targets for recycling, recovery and landfill diversion under existing legislation. It will then be used to quantify the impact of different scenarios in respect of impacts on the environment, including (but not limited to) greenhouse gas emissions, job creation, and costs.

It is an important tool for national and pan-European strategic planning. To be used to best effect, consultation with relevant personnel in government departments with responsibility for waste management is required. Industry consultation is also important to the model’s development, and is sought as a means of improving the quality of the information in the model.

The model is also intended to be used in a separate contract let by DG Environment in which it is intended to undertake a review of the targets in key waste Directives (on landfill, on packaging and in the Waste Framework Directive). This separate, but related, project is described here www.wastetargetsreview.eu.

This project is being delivered by Eunomia with support from the Copenhagen Resource Institute and Satsuma Media as part of the Eunomia contract with the Commission on “Technological, Socio-Economic and Cost-Benefit Assessments Related to the Implementation and Further Development of EU Waste Legislation”.